• Action alleging that employee’s supervisors and co-workers harassed and discriminated against him based on his Iranian national origin, then retaliated against and ultimately terminated him after he reported the harassment and discrimination to human resources. The employer, a technology company, alleged that it terminated the plaintiff because he performed poorly, engaged in disruptive behavior in the workplace, failed to accept responsibility for his poor performance, and rejected the employer’s efforts to help him improve his performance. Resolved at mediation.

  • Action by former employee of company in logistics industry, alleging that co-workers and supervisors of Mexican descent harassed, discriminated against, and ultimately terminated him based on his Salvadoran national origin. The defendant denied the allegations and alleged that any stray comments did not rise to the level of actionable harassment, that plaintiff was terminate due to performance reasons. The defendant also alleged that after-acquired evidence indicated that the plaintiff had lied about his immigration status at the time of his hiring. Resolved on mediator’s proposal after mediation.

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Discrimination and Harassment: National Origin