Steven G. Pearl is a full-time mediator with ADR Services, Inc. He mediates all types of employment law disputes, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases and individual and class action wage and hour cases.  He is available throughout California.  

  • Action by on-site property manager, alleging that employer failed to take action against employee who sexually harassed her, failed to investigate allegations, and terminated plaintiff in retaliation for complaining of harassment.

  • Action by bartender, alleging that private club constructively terminated him by failing to take action against club member who made repeated disparaging comments regarding plaintiff’s perceived sexual orientation. The defendant denied that the club member made disparaging comments and alleged that the plaintiff quit (1) because he had another job lined up, and (2) to avoid having his wages garnished to satisfy child support obligations. Resolved at mediation. 
​​​​​​Steven G. ​Pearl,  Esq.​​


​​Case Summaries:

Discrimination and Harassment: Sexual Orientation