​​​​​​Steven G. ​Pearl,  Esq.​​


Steven G. Pearl is a full-time mediator with ADR Services, Inc. He mediates all types of employment law disputes, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases and individual and class action wage and hour cases.  He is available throughout California.  

  • Action by restaurant employees, alleging a variety of wage and hour violations, including that management took servers' tips.

  • Action by chef, alleging misclassification by restaurant employer and resulting wage and hour violations, including failure to pay overtime compensation, failure to provide meal periods, failure to authorize and permit rest periods, failure to provide accurate wage statements, and failure to pay all earned wages on separation. Cross-action by employer, alleging that chef created recipes for the restaurant, but refused to provide them to the employer and misappropriated them when he left employment.

  • Action by individual factory worker, alleging that he was terminated after complaining about various wage and hour violations: paying overtime hours at regular rate, rather than overtime rate; failing to provide meal and rest periods; and failing to provide wage statements showing hours worked. Resolved at mediation.

  • Action by long-term employee, alleging that company improperly classified her as exempt, failed to pay her for overtime hours worked, and terminated her in an effort to avoid paying past due wages. Defendant alleged that plaintiff typically worked well under forty hours per week, was properly classified as an exempt employee, and was terminated for performance issues. Defendant cross-complained against plaintiff for attempting to sabotage the business. Resolved at mediation.

  • Action by former resident apartment manager, alleging that employer failed to compensate him for all hours worked, including overtime hours, failed to provide him with meal and rest periods, failed to provide him with accurate wage statements, and failed to pay him all earned wages on termination. The employer alleged that the plaintiff worked less than four hours per day, that he had a second job at which he worked more than 30 hours per week, preventing him from working overtime at the premises, and that it paid him for all hours worked and provided compliant meal and rest periods. Resolved at mediation.

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Individual Wage and Hour Actions